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My husband and I were blessed to have Shannon as our doula. This was my first baby, and Shannon was there before, during, and after birth to educate and encourage me. She helped me develop a birth plan and provided tips on how to keep myself comfortable and get the baby positioned correctly in my last weeks of pregnancy, including stretches, aromatherapy, and relaxation techniques. During labor, she was invaluable. She worked really well with the nursing staff to get me what I needed, and she was prepared with a lot of tricks to ease labor (like hot/cold packs and peppermint aromatherapy that really helped my nausea!). My husband was able to be there to support me and offer encouragement and we both felt relaxed knowing that Shannon was there as our birth expert when we had questions or needed advice. After we got home from the hospital, she visited to make sure we were doing well (both me and the baby) and help with breastfeeding. Overall, the birth of our first baby was a great experience, thanks in large part to Shannon.

Shannon was our doula for the birth of our son a few months ago. We decided early on that we wanted a doula present for the birth of our first child. We interviewed a few people and right away we connected with Shannon. Her personality was a great match for what we were looking for. We met with her a few times before the delivery which helped us prepare for what to expect and create a birth plan, etc. She answered our questions and put us at ease. My delivery ended up being very long and difficult and Shannon was there with us the entire time. She helped my husband and I to feel comfortable. She got along great with my doctor and the hospital staff. She came to visit us in the hospital after the birth as I had an extended hospital stay and then came to visit us once more when got home. We can't thank her enough for all that she did. She truly made our experience so much better under the circumstances. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting a doula.

Shannon added so much calm and comfort to our birthing experience. She was very much available for prenatal questions, during the onset of early labor and for postpartum/breastfeeding support. We were truly blessed to have her there. Her massage techniques were extremely nurturing and effective during contractions and her use of the Rebozo was invaluable in helping reposition the baby and relieve my back labor. She helped to keep me grounded and informed as labor progressed. She was a great advocate in the delivery room by making sure the staff we needed was present. To top it off, she took beautiful photographs that perfectly capture the moment of our son's birth. We could never thank her enough for being a part of our ideal birth experience.

My first birth experience was rather difficult for me to process - an unexpected c-section under general anesthesia. But the hardest part was that no one at the hospital could really talk me through what happened. Shifts changed, doctors were busy, and questions were passed on to the next person. I never seemed to get answers. So when I got pregnant again, I decided to really try to take charge of my experience and attempt a VBAC. A major way that was accomplished was by hiring Shannon as our doula. From early on, she responded quickly and thoughtfully to any questions or concerns. She never seemed like we were burdening her or asking stupid questions. She was comforting and ready to help. I called Shannon when I was experiencing early labor, and she made herself available to us all day. My first call was around 8-9 AM and our son was born at 12:53 the next morning! She stuck with us the whole time and didn't leave until things were all settled in the wee hours of the morning. Even though I knew my husband would be a good support, it was so valuable to have someone else there with experience in labor and the hospital - someone always there but just involved when needed. I felt more confident requesting things or refusing things when she was present. The nurses were great, but it really felt like we had someone "on our side" that knew us - and knew what I was like when I wasn't in pain - HA! She was able to explain what was going on when nurses weren't there. She took pictures right after the birth. And finally, she was able to provide what I personally needed - someone to talk through what happened and help me process things after we brought our boy home. I would highly recommend having a doula present - and Shannon was a great fit for us!

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