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Blessed Births & Beyond
Newborn Sleep Guide

Your guide to setting safe and healthy sleep foundations, right from the start!


I’ve written this guide to help you out with laying healthy sleep habits from the very start with your little one. I know you’ve probably heard, in one way or another, “Welcome to parenthood… you’ll never sleep again!”


But I want you to know there are plenty of strategies that, with time and consistency, will help your little one - and you! - get all the sleep you need to thrive in this parenting journey.

Blessed Births Newborn Sleep Guide Booklet spread
Blessed Births Newborn Sleep Guide _ Mom and Baby with Ipad
What's Included in the Guide
  • Welcoming Your Baby

  • Newborn Sleep Science

  • Setting Up Safe Sleep

  • Dressing Your Baby For Sleep Swaddling

  • Feeding & The Eat.Play.Sleep Routine

  • Soothing Your Baby

  • Preventing Over-tiredness

  • Daytime Nap Routines

  • Your Baby's Sleep Chart

  • Night-time Routines

  • Newborn Appropriate Sleep Strategies

  • My Favorite Products For Sleep

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