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Childbirth Classes

Learn all about the process of natural birth through my 5-week series that will prepare you for your birth journey. This is a hybrid class with in person and online options. Classes are held at Specialized Health Chiropractic in Adel on Saturdays and Sacred Health in Des Moines on Monday evenings.

Spring/Summer Dates:

Mondays 6pm-8pm: 

May 9 - June 13 ( no class May 30)

Physiological Childbirth Course

My childbirth class will guide you and your partner through the whole physiological birthing process and provide you with tips and approaches to make the experience as calm and positive as possible. With my 9 years' experience of being a birth doula and attending over 400 births, I will share all of my knowledge, tips and techniques to help you achieve the birth you want. Whether you are wanting a non-medicated or medicated birth this class is for you.

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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Course

My Mindfulness-Based Childbirth Course encompasses pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Learn deep relaxation techniques and comfort techniques for labor. Mindfulness practices will help to start envisioning your birth and working through any worries or fears. My goal is that you leave class feeling confident and looking for forward to gving birth! It’s designed to offer you the knowledge you need to plan, make informed choices, and understand your body before, during, and after you give birth. Learn how to stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy so have all of the options available during your birth. We also cover exercise, stretches and body mechanics that help with baby position towards the end of pregnancy. Breastfeeding and the postpartum period are also covered.

If you are interested in signing up for one of my classes, please contact me. 5 week class series is $220 and includes all materials. In person class size is limited to 8 couples. Virtual option is available.

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